In SEO, there is no uni­ver­sal for­mula or overnight fix. There are numer­ous strate­gies for dri­ving traf­fic to your web­site and not all of them will be right for your business.

Large companies will be spending a considerable amount of money in order to achieve those impressive SEO results on highly searched terms. For a small business with perhaps an even smaller online marketing budgets, it becomes increasingly important to focus on your own needs and requirements and to be realistic about the kind of results you should expect and how you should measure your ROI.

That doesn’t mean SEO can’t be effective for your business, but you should consider whether you really need to be appearing on page one for those highly competitive search terms. You may find that those are the terms that generate a lot of visitors and it would seem obvious to suggest that these are the searches that really count, however, it stands to reason that spending a lot of money to target the most competitive search terms will almost certainly be the wrong approach.

Rather than seeking to rank well for vanity terms, it would be more appropriate for you as a business manager to concentrate on the keywords and terms that will produce sales. While it’s easy to rely on visitor numbers, the real goal of SEO should not be for visitors, but for a return on your investment.

Search engine marketing should always be seen as just that-an investment. If you’re going to spend some money, then you should expect to see an increase in sales, leads and customers as a result. Really, it’s the generation of getting the income that you require that should really determines your success, not your number of people who see your website.

Maven Managed believes that the foun­da­tion of a qual­ity SEO cam­paign is rel­e­vancy. Relavancy for your market, your needs, your budget, and your expected results. We’ll start out by get­ting to know your busi­ness, eval­u­at­ing your web­site and learn­ing about your cus­tomers and goals. Then we put together a cus­tom plan for you. To receive you free and custom SEO plan, please contact us.

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