For years Facebook has been updating Facebook brand pages. We do a collective eye-roll whenever cover image dimensions change, but the truth is, Facebook makes these changes because they’re intent on presenting your business, past, present, and future, to loyal patrons, engaged viewers, and potential customers.

Tell your story.

A Facebook business Page lets you present your small business story in a highly visual and very customizable way. You can also tell customer stories in multiple places throughout the page.

Brand your profile picture.

Your profile picture is a perfect square (180 X 180 pixels) that you should use as an area to brand your company. Try using your company logo on a solid background that can easily match any changes you make to your Cover Photo.

The Cover Photo

Located at the very top of your fan page, the Cover photo is the billboard for branding your business. 

Use Special Features and Integrations to Boost Conversion.

These tabs live within your Facebook page and enable you to add features to your page like sweepstakes, newsletter signups, appointment scheduling, or even shopping directly on Facebook.

Indicate major events through the use of milestones.

Post milestones to your timeline to show achievements, growth or any other important and relevant company information. It is all just another part of your story on your Facebook business page.

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