Remember 10-plus years ago when business owners were contemplating whether or not they needed a website? Mobile marketing has become the new standard in small business marketing, too. It’s high open and response rates make it a valuable tool for securing business with local customers who are on-the-go. Plus, it can save you a small fortune compared to other PR, promotions, and other advertising channels.
Here are a few general things to consider when contemplating the marketing benefits of mobile marketing specifically for small businesses:

1. You Can Send and Receive Feedback with Ease

Mobile marketing encourages two-way communication with its ease of use. You can get customer feedback and keep fans interested in your business by encouraging them to respond and even make purchases with polls, contests, and coupons.

2. You Can Take Advantage of Local Mobile Accessibility

Since mobile devices, especially smartphones, are especially well suited to accessing local content it only makes sense that more and more of your customers and potential customers will be looking for your local products and services via the mobile web. Your availability on location services encourages users to spread the word about your brand through check-ins.

3. You Can Put Yourself Out There, Easily

After all, isn’t that the ideal when it comes to advertising? With mobile websites and promotions, our business information is readily available, allowing huge viral potential.

4. You Can Easily Generate More Sales

Empower your viewers to invest in your business simply by accepting mobile payments, thus dramatically increasing conversion rates.

5. You Can Get More for Your Money

Mobile marketing is a very cost-efficient way to grow your customer base and promote the business because you can launch an effective campaign with minimal investment and build your list over time will maintaining a high response rate.

6. You Can Increase Your Social Prevalence

Your social media messages stay visible to more people for longer periods of time when you promote them in mobile channels.

7. There Are Endless Integrations

Mobile promotions can be easily integrated with your website, print ad, and other campaigns through the use of QR codes.

8. You Can Easily Track Your Results

Mobile marketing campaigns are very measurable; it is easy to track results based on the number of downloads, page visits, subscribers, etc.

9. You Will Stand Apart from the Competition

Become an industry leader by being among the first of your competitors to adopt a mobile marketing technology.

10. You’ll Have Instant Accessibility to a Large Market

Your custom message will be received and opened immediately time and time again because 75% of the market are mobile phone users who keep their phones with them at all times.

More than 50% of all local web searches take place with mobile devices, and with those rates increasing, it only makes sense to invest in a mobile strategy.  Can you think of any other mobile marketing benefits for small businesses?

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