Facebook’s Instagram released video functionality on their app to go head to head against Twitter’s Vine app. The battle lines are drawn and brands and people are already choosing sides. But what exactly does this mean for the small business?

With Instagram already boasting more than 130 million users, there was already a big reason for your company to consider a presence on the photo sharing platform. That said, there are some stories that a still image just can’t capture well. The addition of a video feature (even at a max of 15 sec.) provides even more flexibility to the message that your brand can share with your audience.  The videos will also appear  in a large thumbnail when posted to FB, so there’s little doubt that your fans will take notice.

Here are a few creative ideas you should try if you are considering adding Instagram videos to your social media marketing mix :


Are you planning to establish a brand new service or product? A 15 second sneak peek behind the curtain may actually be the best way to build excitement and anticipation about its release. If you can show your existing and prospective customers the value of your brand new release, you might manage to get a number of preorders, or at the very least create a list of interested parties to eagerly anticipate your launch.


Is your merchandise, or service truly better than the competition? If so, it truly is time to show it! It will be pretty difficult for viewers to pick your competitors over you if you’re able to outperform them on video.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials could be the most powerful use of Instagram.  Anytime a customer brings up how your product, or service benefits them (saved time, saved money, increase production, improved sales, increase ROI, peace of mind, etc.), just take out your telephone and ask them for a 15 second testimonial on the spot. Not everyone will say yes, but the ones that do will be providing you pure video gold.

Before & Afters

Although not appropriate to every company, before and after videos are a fantastic testament to the potency of your merchandise or service. Showing a prospective client the end result of working with you may prove to be the final push that causes them to reach out.

Miniature Commercials

Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you can’t hold commercials. Instagram’s video capabilities give you everything you have to produce short, free, and significant communications with your audience. Don’t be afraid to try something.  Should you not enjoy what you’ve created, just delete it and start over.

Whether you decide to use Instagram and its video feature or not, the addition to the app will make an impact on the way brands tell their stories. You have the chance to take advantage of this new feature and use it to tell your brand’s story.  How will your use Instagram videos to spread your message?

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