Content Marketing: If Your Website’s Not Growing, It’s Shrinking

These days, more businesses and organizations are trying their hand at content marketing. Internet marketing leaders are stressing the importance of a quality content marketing strategy and how it can benefit businesses of all types. Even Google has been advocating for good content that caters to user needs. But does your business need content marketing? This is an excellent article for those deciding for or against a content marketing strategy. 

Let’s define content marketing.

Content marketing is a strategic inbound marketing technique that enables businesses to reach specifically targeted audiences by delivering various forms of relevant, educative and compelling messages. Messages can be delivered as blog posts, articles, eBooks, whitepapers, podcasts, video, etc.

Does your company need content marketing?

The short answer? Absolutely.

Today’s successful websites are driven by quality content that generates quality visitors and leads. Having a content strategy that will address the needs of your target market will make your website grow. And in turn, make your social media presence grow, and increase sales and leads.

One thing should be clear from the onset; your content should be helpful to your prospective customers. This means delivering content that is tailored to address customer’s

needs based on where they are in the sales funnel.

All businesses need content. The type of content and the delivery method should be in line with the behavior of your target market. Here are three reasons why you business needs consistent content:

1. Content helps in market research

Businesses need to meet the needs of desperate consumers who can pay for solutions. Consistent content helps one to identify your perfect customers, their needs, and their pain points. In a perfect marketplace, there is a consumer who has an issue and is prepared to pay for a solution, and there’s a seller that can give the solution.

Market research will help determine which products to the marketing mix and offer to embrace for higher ROI. Using different content, you can address your market’s pain, struggles or needs and provide an useful remedy which is better than that which is available on the market. Help ease your customer’s pain just enough on their own, to where they want you to fully rid of their issue.

Success in business depends on identifying a market that is interested in your solution.

Market research can help determine which products to offer and the marketing mix to adopt for higher ROI. Using different content, you can address your market’s pain, struggles or needs and offer a relevant solution that is better than what is available in the market. Help ease your customer’s pain just enough on their own, to where they need you to completely rid of their problem.

2. Increase Authority and Brand Awareness in Your Business

This one is simple. People buy from brands they trust. Providing content helps to build trust over time and raise brand recognition. Sharing quality content that resonates nicely with your crowd will position your web site as the go-to place for issues in your industry.

Your content needs to be educative and powerful such that the audience will want to talk about it across various stations. Providing quality content will not only build a true audience, but also reduce conversion friction.

3. Content marketing provides a better ROI than traditional marketing

Producing consistent content is an important inbound marketing technique that is more economical and efficient than conventional advertising for example print or TV ads.

You can use content to drive visitors to your web site and produce quality leads. Studying on the search behavior of the target market helps to spot the keywords to target and sort of content to make that’ll enhance your bottom line.

Proper planning and execution is crucial to-the success of any content promotion strategy. You have to identify your company voice, subjects to cover, line of thought, frequency of creating content, engagement rules and promotions. Your articles should be optimized to rank well for search engines like google to generate natural traffic and gather quality backlinks.

How Does Content Fit in Your Internet Marketing?

Content marketing can be integrated with other strategies to improve your inbound marketing campaign. For example, social media and search advertising compliment content marketing and could be readily integrated to reach prospects. A well laid out content promotion strategy that focuses on producing quality advice can help you reach your sales  and revenue targets.

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