While WordPress wasn’t originally created for ecommerce, it has evolved into an ecommerce favorite and now powers thousands of online stores around the web. As professional WordPress developers, we’ve built several WordPress ecommerce shops and our customers love them.
So why use WordPress for ecommerce? First let’s address the reasons some clients have had some initial resistance to using WordPress for ecommerce. Objections include that’s just for blogging, it’s not scalable, and it’s not secure.
As a CMS, WordPress has been used to build many classified sites, various directories, social networks and sites with booking, membership, and many other capabilities. Large companies such as Sony, CNN, Best Buy, Variety and the New York Times use WordPress. Universities such as Harvard Law, Boise State, Cornell and MIT use WordPress in various capacities. Even the ever-popular Beyonce uses WordPress; proving it’s capable of serving brands large and small. Finally, the WordPress core is one of the most secure platforms you can use on your site. Of course, WordPress install is only as secure as the software your developer uses for it and the right developer will always harden your site to vulnerabilities — but that’s another post for another time. The key— as with all other sites, is to use secure passwords, keep your software up to date, and stay vigilant.
Now that we’ve addressed some objections to using WordPress for ecommerce, let’s go over some major reasons WordPress is an excellent platform for your online store:

1. It’s Free

WordPress is totally free and open source, giving you more power and flexibility to create the best possible ecommerce website for your business. Forget about paying monthly fees, being charged for software updates, or for expensive licenses, WordPress is committed to being an Open Source solution for everyone.

2. It’s Flexible

Another one of the core principles of the WordPress philosophy is to keep the core code as light and fast as possible while providing a rich framework. This allows the growing community of WordPress software developers to keep expanding what WordPress can do, allowing for enterprise-ready sites with infinite possibilities.

3. It Gives You Control

WordPress has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use and the learning curve is incredibly fast. Adding new pages, blog posts, products and images can be done quickly, especially once you’ve gotten the feel for it. Because of this, if you don’t have the budget to pay a designer to update your site on a regular basis, you can easily learn to do it yourself with no HTML or other script knowledge required.

4. It’s the Ultimate SEO Friendly Platform

The construction of the WordPress core is streamlined and resistant of the excessive HTML, which Google finds inviting. In addition to it’s core, WordPress can be built to customize each page for proper indexing and higher search positioning. Not only that, the more often you post and produce pages or new products, them more search-friendly your site becomes. Google will search your site for new content that they can index on a regular basis. New pages get indexed in hours or even minutes when you regularly post new content.
Honestly,  I could go on and on for pages about why WordPress is good for e-commerce and almost any website, but for now, I’ll keep it at these four main reasons. What do you think, are they enough to convince you? Either way, considering contacting us for a quote or for more reasons WordPress just might be the perfect solution for you.

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