Brand Preferences Survey

The key is to start the branding process with a clear direction. From how your brand values affect messaging considerations to design preferences for your logo, it’s much easier to define your identity when you know what you want. This helpful survey will help us start off on the right track.
  • Brand Values

  • This is a few sentences that explain your company’s goals. It should also include some information about what your organization is and why it exists. It's okay if this is not final or if you can only list bullet points. Part of our service is helping you write and refine this.
  • What sets you apart from your competitors? Think about how exactly you’re helping your target audience.
  • Brand Attributes

    For this section, please indicate where your brand's image falls between these opposing characteristics?
  • Brand Visuals

  • Exclusions

    Sometimes it helps to know exactly what you don't want.
  • Abstract Qualities

    To answer the following questions, use your imagination to think of your brand in unique situations.
  • Design

    The following questions will narrow down your visual preferences.
  • Which font style do you feel best represents your brand.
  • Web Design Examples

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